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Thread: HDMI audio not avaiable with AMD E-350

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    Unhappy HDMI audio not avaiable with AMD E-350

    Hi all,

    I've a problem with a computer based on a AMD Zacate E350 APU (Asrock E350M1).

    I've install Kubuntu 13.04 and latest Catalyst 13.06 BETA drivers. I know installing an AMD Beta driver on Linux seems to be a suicide, when stable drivers have many problems, but the truth is that the combination Kubuntu 13.06 + AMD 13,06 beta works good even with Trinity APUs.

    My problem is very simple, when I go to Phonom I can't select HDMI audio output, and I've only analog and SPDIF. It can't be a hardware problem since I've try Openelec and it has HDMI audio with no problems.

    I've try to enable SPDIF audio in alsamixer (no idea of relation, but I've read this in a forum), but problem persist.

    It seems like HDMI audio is disabled by defaulf, what is weird when I've try just same software combination on a Trinity APU and works ok; but Zacate doesn't.

    Any idea or help??

    Many thanks in advance

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    Re: HDMI audio not avaiable with AMD E-350

    By default HDMI Audio is disabled on kernel 3.0 +.

    Just do the following with elevated privileges via the terminal, you should be fine.

    gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub
    Change the following  line:
    Save and exit gedit & issue the following

    sudo update-grub
    That's it. Reboot the machine

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    Re: HDMI audio not avaiable with AMD E-350

    Many Thanks, maddogz007,

    I've do this and when I restart and open Phonon it show a window with the message:

    KDE detected one or more internal sound devices were removed

    Do you want KDE to permanently forget about these devices?
    This is te list of devices KDE thinks can be removed:
    and shows for HDA, ATI SB, ALC892 Analog devices.

    No matter what I do, HDMI audio doesn't appear.

    Any idea?

    Many thanks

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    Re: HDMI audio not avaiable with AMD E-350

    I have E350M1 but I use 12.04.4 there, below guide is great (maybe just little outdated..) - I hope you'll find something interesting.



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