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Thread: Display <GS> char in console

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    Display <GS> char in console

    I hava a barcode reader connected through USB.
    The barcode I read had a invisible character : ascii 29 - GS
    If I scan the barcode on a windows pc in the command prompt I get : 255541433800009312345^]39001
    If I scan the barcode on a ubuntu console I get : 255541433800009312345$39001

    Somebody knows to get the escape code and not the dollar sign ? I need this to decode the barcode in a java program.

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    Re: Display <GS> char in console

    is your system using utf-8 ? (it should)

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    Re: Display <GS> char in console

    This barcode reading and decoding library may be helpful to you. It supports muntiple linear and 2D barcodes (such as Identcode, UPC-A, QR Code and PDF-417) reading in an easy way.


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