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Thread: Syslog-ng server

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    Syslog-ng server

    I have a summer training project to set up a syslog server which will log files from 2 switches and also query the DHCP server for IP adress combinations. The objective is to do it within one month, but being a complete novice, i do not know if its i will manage. I want to do it and will put 110 % effort. And i`m sure if i can accomplish the task, i will move from beginner level. I want to ask for advice on
    1)Whether the chances of me finishing it are realistic
    2) Resources i must use(i have already intalled syslog-ng to my Ubuntu server)

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Syslog-ng server

    you will fail if you only put 110 % effort push the slider over 200 %


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