Greetings, I'm having difficulty with Thunderbird's pop-up notification. The indicator turns blue, the messaging menu shows the correct emails in the inbox, and the thunderbird icon in the launcher shows the correct amount of unread emails. However, the transluscent pop-up notification in the upper right corner seems to work infrequently. I can only really force Thunderbird to show the notification when the program starts, but anytime I receive an email, only the icon and panel indicator (by turning blue) reflect that I received an email. Is this the proper function? When other programs that use the messaging menu - like empathy - I receive the translucent pop-up notification anytime I currently don't have the window open. Thunderbird does not function this way. It only shows the pop up notification at the program's start. Before posting, I searched around the community and I found quite a lot of posts about people's notifications not working at all or how to install the indicator and messaging menu integration (for older ubuntu versions). From the looks of it, everything seems to be installed correctly and mostly working for me. I would just love to have the Thunderbird notifications consistently pop-up. I'd appreciate any help! Thank you!