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Thread: Can't Wake Up after Hibernate

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    Unhappy Can't Wake Up after Hibernate

    I have asus A43S, and i install lubuntu full on it, after that i try the hibernate option, it work but after that my laptop didn't want to wake up, only blank screen appear. that's so wired! i need help for this, i can boto back again, but i must make the computer shutdown, and that i must press the power button long time, i need someone to help me, thx allot

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    Re: Can't Wake Up after Hibernate


    how are you trying to wake up your pc?

    on my laptop I need to wait a fair while for the 'login' screen to re-appear. Also I get the impression I need to press the keyboard keys, not just wiggle the mouse, to get the thing to wake up.

    What about the other power options? such as setting up the screen saver etc, are you able to get them to start up and wake back up again.

    Sometimes you are required to press the power button to wake from hibernate, try a short press rather than just a long press, which will shut down your pc.

    I'm sure that there will be something in the logs, but i'm not sure which to look at, your first port of call is likely var/log/syslog and using dmesg (sorry i'm not much of an expert on these, so search around the forums / wiki pages).

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    Re: Can't Wake Up after Hibernate

    ok, i press in short time and to make it wake up i have try many things, also like moving mouse or pressing keyboard, but nothing happen, still blank screen, so i must shutdown it.. in this case is hibernate, the suspend i have no problem. i hope this problem can be solved imidietly

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