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Thread: Back Track 5 R3 not seeing any Interface

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    Question Back Track 5 R3 not seeing any Interface

    I know this is the Ubuntu forums, but since BackTrack is based off Ubuntu, I will ask for help here.
    So, I have a wired connection for my internet that BackTrack is currently running off(dual-boot).
    I also have a wireless network for my other computers. Airmon-ng doesn't show anything, and wicd doesn't see any wireless networks around me, but from windows, I can see tons(I live in a apartment complex). So, my question is, how can I get airmon-ng to see my interface, and how come I can't see networks around me(even my own).

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    Re: Back Track 5 R3 not seeing any Interface

    How come no one has's been three hours. X(

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    Re: Back Track 5 R3 not seeing any Interface

    We don't support backtrack on these forums, so I'm closing this thread. You'll get better help if you go to the backtrack forums. I believe also that backtrack has been forked to kali, which might be worth your while looking at.

    In addition, please only bump your threads once every 24 hours (or less often). If you're not getting replies, it could simply be because no one knows the answer to your question.
    Please, people, remember to BACKUP before you install that new system. Same if you're upgrading.

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