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Thread: investment in juju/openstack infra

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    investment in juju/openstack infra

    I'm new to the whole ubuntu/openstack/juju thing and i've got a few questions and some opinions needed. So as i understand juju helps deploying openstack making much easyer than manual install. Let's just say for the sake of argument i'm able to implement juju and deploy a working openstack enveiroment (not 100%, got stuck on swift part). I want to invest around 35000 euro in hardware. It's not much for an openstack infrastructure but it's all that i can get from european funds. I live in Romania, where virtualization is not that spread as a service compared to webhosting and storage hosting(cloud sync etc). So if i start a company my primarily focus will be on webhosting and storage so i can get some profit. But i think virtualization is going to grow here aswell and i would like to have a little for this too. With the above in mind i would like to start my investment with an openstack deployment from the start, rather than ahving to change the whole infrastrucure at one point when virtualization whould be profitable here. From some raw calculation, with 10000euro i can get as high as 150TB of storage that would be enought for a start , the rest could go into ram and cpu's for virtualization.

    As you can see i need help! Is it worth investing in openstack infra or should i go with old style database? If i had more funding i wouldn't have asked this and whould have went streight to openstack. Sorry if this is hard to understand but english is not my native language and i have my head full of new info so i might not be the most coherent writer at this time

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    Re: investment in juju/openstack infra

    OpenStack uses virtualization already, if you have an openstack infrastructure you can just fire up instances as needed, these are virtual machines that you can use for whatever you want.


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