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Thread: Where to report unsupported hardware feature bugs?

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    Question Where to report unsupported hardware feature bugs?

    My Laptop screen brightness does not change when using the Brightness Controls in GUI or via laptop keyboard shortcuts, though the slider itself works fine.

    Where do I report this bug? ( so that my laptop hardware might eventually work )
    Also Hibernate wont work, but I am willing to test changes and send reports of the results until it does work.

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    Re: Where to report unsupported hardware feature bugs?

    Hi terrox.

    I noticed your "launchpad" thread.

    You need to register on launchpad to report bugs.

    You will require the hardware and software data for this.

    9.04 is no longer "supported".

    Please see this.
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    Re: Where to report unsupported hardware feature bugs?

    First please try if it is fixed in 13.10.
    If not you can discuss it in Ubuntu+1 before reporting.
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