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Thread: 12.04 LTS LIVE CD Crashes, Bugs and comments

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    12.04 LTS LIVE CD Crashes, Bugs and comments

    Unfortunately, I don't do much after installing (Toshiba A665-s6057 model, 64bit).

    0. A USB flash drive is connected

    1. Wireless
    Always troublesome
    Always connects at 18 Mb/s. Wireless g

    2. Set Time zone to Eastern
    Interface is goofy
    Seems like ter should be an OK/Cancel box

    3. Might add an HP Network printer - painless

    4. Might add Flashplayer
    Now that's just a copy

    5. Might add vlc
    Apparently lots of known issues with the repositories

    6. Keyboard backlight doesn't work

    7. Might loose the trackpad
    I know how to get it back

    8. The most annoying issue is a crash, freeze or whatever.
    Symptoms are:
    Lots of CD Drive accesses
    control+ALT+T will not bring up the terminal
    System unresponsive

    Haven't tried adding an Epson Printer or Scanner yet. Make a persistant USB hopefully will happen eventually.

    All of the issues reported are not "one of's" They appen way to often, to be considered stable.

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    Re: 12.04 LTS LIVE CD Crashes, Bugs and comments

    Toshibas are notorious for their ever-changing and non-standard hardware.

    Thanks for helping to make Ubuntu better.

    Unfortunately, your comments are not detailed enough, or in the correct venue, to be useful to developers trying to fix bugs in Ubuntu..

    Please see to learn how to collect the information needed to file useful bug reports that will get the bugs fixed.

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