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Thread: Workspace Switching

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    Re: Workspace Switching

    ty zika

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    Re: Workspace Switching

    Edit: I don't believe I know if you settled on Gs or flashback with compiz - if the latter then below is irrelevant..

    I guess if one knew about Gs/clutter & .js files it would be possible to make some changes to the switcher popup, myself do neither.
    (it's /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/workspaceSwitcherPopup.js

    And just to note that Gs is quite picky about it's .js's, one little error in one .js & it won't start up, so messing with requires either one doesn't care or has a backup plan to fix. (those are both for me.

    Anyway, maybe because I'm a lefty my focus on the display is pretty much the left 2/3's, the far right is sorta out of the way.
    So it was pretty easy move the pop up to the far right & lower the display time just a bit, the default is 600ms which is about right though I did lower to 400
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