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Thread: how to improve video quality of .mp4 file

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    how to improve video quality of .mp4 file

    dear all ,
    i would like to know and learn - how to improve video quality of .mp4 file ?
    in my pc there are various types of .mp4 files which all have different types of video and audio properties as below :

    screen shot 1.pngScreenshot from 2013-07-14 14:47:27.png

    i would like to know how can i improve quality of video of such files using ffmpeg or using other applications ?
    in addition , i like to learn about video bit rate , codec , frame rate , aspect ratio & audio bit rate , codec - as shown in property window of such files ,
    i also like to learn how can i improve those properties of .mp4 files for better viewing experience of .mp4 file

    i like to know about all types of converters and command line tools to improve such videos which are not a fair viewable files.

    awaiting for your kind support and help.

    thanking you all.


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    Re: how to improve video quality of .mp4 file

    In general you cannot really 'improve' the quality of a file that has more than likely already been transcoded from an original source. Your best options are to either:

    1. Find the original source and make a direct copy of it, retaining its original specifications.
    2. Transcode the original source to the codecs and specifications of your choice. This will downsample the original quality but with skill this will not really be noticeable.
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