Hi, I'm struggling to write a correct xen-4.2.2.cfg file to accompany my xen-4.2.2.efi to boot my Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 as Dom0.

Built Xen from source, put the built .efi file into the same dir as the grubx64.efi file, created a .cfg file and put it in the same location.

Boot works to a point, EFI says its using the configuration file and then errors say No Dom0 kernel image specified.

500MB - EFI Partition
500MB - /boot
60GB - LVM
--15GB VG0-Dom0
--4GB VG0-Dom0_swap
--41GB spare

/boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu contains the Ubuntu grub .efi installed by default. Also contains my xen-4.2.2.efi and .cfg.

Where should I be placing the Dom0 kernel image and initrd files? I've currently put them into the same location as the .efi?

xen-4.2.2.cfg looks like...


options=console=vga dom0_mem=1024M,max=1024M dom0_max_vcpus=1 loglvl=all noreboot
kernel=vmlinuz-3.5.0-36-generic root=/dev/mapper/VG0-Dom0
*******************End of file***************************

Any help appreciated.