I've been trying to install the pSX emulator on Ubuntu 13.04, but I have not been able to get pSX to run. I've followed the instructions from this site.

As instructed:

(1) I've downloaded and untarred the suggested file. It now resides on my desktop.

(2) I've located the bios and placed it into the appropriate bios folder.

But when I get to the "Activate pSX" part, I run into trouble. As suggested, I change directories to the file (named pSX) on my desktop.

Then I type the command:

And I receive the message:

bash: ./pSX: No such file or directory.
I've tried the commands:

make install
With no luck.

As you might expect, I've looked at various threads on this forum and others, but nothing seems to work. Any help is of course appreciated.