I started getting the error message after I started using K3b to rip cds into my laptop. (It can read and rip old, scratched disks that everything else can't or won't even recognize.) It seems that everytime I try to use Clementine it gets weirder. Looking directly at my files everything looks fine, and I can play files from there - it's just the library Clementine compiles which is messed up and growing moreso. Alphabetically it only shows a few letters in the library pane and not all the artists which should be under those letters. Some files are listed 6 or more times when they appear at all.The error message also says "Please read https://code.google.com/p/clementine...baseCorruption for instructions on how to recover your database" but that page simply says this is still ToDo. Further info (which is all gibberish to me I'm afraid) reads: Database: *** in database main *** Page 2358: btreeInitPage() returns error code 11 On tree page 2464 cell 65: Child page depth differs On tree page 2464 cell 66: Child page depth differs". I have tried removing and reinstalling Clementine rescanning my library repeatedly without any change (better or worse). It began while I was running 12.04 and remains the same after my recent upgrade to 13.04. Does anyone know how to correct this?