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Thread: Lenovo Ideapad Yoga Key Repeating For No Reason

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    Lenovo Ideapad Yoga Key Repeating For No Reason

    This is driving me mad - when holding down a key to get a key repeat going, the repeat will go wild and start repeating even faster than before and not stop when the key is released. Pressing another key will stop it.

    The dmesg is full of
    [16270.777422] atkbd serio0: Use 'setkeycodes e03e <keycode>' to make it known.
    [16270.781566] atkbd serio0: Unknown key released (translated set 2, code 0xbe on isa0060/serio0).

    but Im not sure if thats related.

    I'm not even going to get started on the touchpad problems. Overall its a great laptop with some nice hardware but running ubuntu (13.04) is really challenging.

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    Re: Lenovo Ideapad Yoga Key Repeating For No Reason

    More detail:

    In attempt to fix the keyrepeat problem, I went into the BIOS and turned off the automatic function key thing. No change, still the unknown keycode in the dmesg.

    I tried setkeycodes e03e 181 which does stop the dmesg alerts, but now there is a phantom keypress being generated every second. I noticed it when using backscroll in an xterm - the screen would pop back to the current line as it should any time a key is pressed.

    xev shows whats going on:
    KeyRelease event, serial 37, synthetic NO, window 0x3200001,
        root 0xa3, subw 0x0, time 12802730, (382,713), root:(383,768),
        state 0x0, keycode 189 (keysym 0x1008ff68, XF86New), same_screen YES,
        XLookupString gives 0 bytes: 
        XFilterEvent returns: False
    Keycode 189 is being generated by the hardware every second, I dont know what that keycode is or why its being generated, but it may be related to the runaway key repeat that started this thread.
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    Re: Lenovo Ideapad Yoga Key Repeating For No Reason

    A very informative thread has appeared here

    finally, setting a value of 255 will allow the kernel to ignore these unusual keypresses to indicate things like orientation.

    $ sudo setkeycodes e03e 255
    $ sudo setkeycodes e060 255


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