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Thread: Video chat clients

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    Cool Video chat clients

    Hi all,

    Now that Microsoft has assumed control of Skype, and their now cosy relationship with certain Govt agencies, I'm thinking it's time to find a new video chat home. Preferrably one that doesn't go through anyone elses servers.

    So, is there any video chat software out there which both parties can download and connect directly with each other?

    Thanks in advance...
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    Re: Video chat clients

    I ran across WebRTC a while back, when I was testing HTML5 in Chromium. Yes, it worked, if you enabled a couple of flags in Chrome/Chromium.

    Might want to check it out:

    Depending on how clever you are, you could make your own app.

    Anyway, WebRTC seems to be the way_of_the_future for secure Real Time Communication.

    If you've got a spare 45 mins:
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    Re: Video chat clients

    To the two posters of this thread:

    Have you used this and are you liking it? I would like to know what you are using WebRTC for, what browser you are using, and if there is any problems that I should be aware of. The one that I know that is the Firefox from the repos doesn't work, only the Nightly version.

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