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Thread: [SOLVED] OMG, I sent /home/user folder to /Trash...

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    [SOLVED] OMG, I sent /home/user folder to /Trash...

    I tried to move a /home/user folder from an external harddrive to my internal /home folder running Xubuntu 12.04. I received an error indicating an .iso could not be copied, so I cancelled the operation and attempted to send the newly copied partial folder to /Trash in order to try, again; but I sent my internal /home/user folder, instead. To add to the tragedy, I panicked and cancelled the move to /Trash. Now, all that I can find in /home is the partial /home/user that I attempted to move from the external harddrive. I fear that I have lost the folder for good and that is very bad.

    I, hereby, nominate myself for stupid user of the millenium.

    I have found info on recovering lost partitions, but nothing that addresses my idiotic mistake (nothing is in lost+found). Is there a way to recover a lost folder that did not make it to /Trash or am I just plain out of luck?

    I wish to extend my humble gratitude to all who may consider this most regrettable dilemna.
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