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Thread: masses of folder icons on de PLUS extra "default" apps

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    masses of folder icons on de PLUS extra "default" apps

    i installed ubuntu on a friends machine then added the xfce desktop using:
    sudo apt-get install xfce4
    as he wanted all the ubuntu apps but with a simple(r) de.

    we now have two problems:

    just about every sub in his home folder has an icon on the de which i can't find a setting to remove - HELP please!

    the ubuntu default apps have changed.
    i don't mind most of them (i actually prefer xfburn!) but i really don't like the default file mangers for Xubuntu (& Lubuntu too)
    - give me Nautilus every time.

    i was thinking, if i had installed Xubuntu (or Lubuntu) and then added the Ubuntu desktop
    (with, i guess:

    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop)
    would i have been closer to what i actually wanted, i.e. the heavier Ubuntu apps but the light desktop?

    many thanks
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    Re: masses of folder icons on de PLUS extra "default" apps

    Changing your folder icons:

    Right-click on the icon and select properties.
    Under the basic tab click on the icon.
    A window will open and navigate to /usr/share/icons.
    Here you can navigate all the icons installed. (I found my default folder icon at /usr/share/icons/Humanity/places/48/folder.svg

    Using Nautilus with XFCE (I found a couple solutions. I apologize I could not test thesse and post the one that I found works best.):

    Sol1: This thread assumes you did not start with Ubuntu so some of these packages you will not need to install. Which ones should be obvious)

    Sol2: Well, it might be considered a dirty hack but it has worked for me in gnome before so it should also work in xfce. Just edit the thunar.desktop file in /usr/share/applications and replace the Exec=thunar to Exec=nautilus --no-desktop and save the file. Then any time thunar is launched, nautilus will be launched instead.

    Sol3: Otherwise, you can edit the menu with the menu editor and change the File manager command and do the same in the panel icon properties.
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