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Thread: Anybody else stopped using their favorite music player (Audacious) since v12?

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    Anybody else stopped using their favorite music player (Audacious) since v12?

    In Ubuntu v10.04 LTS, Audacious became my favorite music player. However, when I was forced to move to v12.04 LTS, I discovered that Audacious had lost its "scale" function. That meant I couldn't make the player's display larger any more. Now, the entire player is ~2 inches wide total, on my 1440x900 display screen. None of the controls are accessible at that size. I know it's got that new interface as an option - but, putting it bluntly, that new interface sucks. Now that Gnome Classic has lost its color controls for the DE display, the new interface is an eyesore, compared to the nice skinned interface of the earlier version. (Don't suggest Unity to me - it's the most useless, clumsy, unmanageable DE I've ever seen in 30 years of personal computing, bar none.) So, I've had to abandon using Audacious. This is a pain in the as*, since every other player I've found is loaded down with useless &/or invasive crap afflicting playlist usage; modifying titles, deleting titles they don't approve of, submitting data about what I have on my system while interfacing w/ online databases... Audacious was almost perfect the way it was - and now, it's become useless. Which leaves me with no acceptable options at all, re. music players. This is just one of the many reasons (defects in "upgraded" programs) why I'm still relying on a v10.04 installation for virtually ALL of my computing.

    I was just wondering how many other people have abandoned using Audacious, in the "upgraded" desktop environment?
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    Re: Anybody else stopped using their favorite music player (Audacious) since v12?

    Thread moved to The Cafe.

    Not a support request.

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