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Thread: -UAO- Clan recrutement, PC

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    -UAO- Clan recrutement, PC

    -UAO- Is recruiting player's who play on Steam.
    If you would like to join contact -UAO-Awe Baby! Through Steam


    This clan is designed for many types of players who would like to take part in a strong clan.
    Our clan welcomes any type of gunner with the same dream as the rest of us, to be the best.
    If you are interested in a commited clan talk to Awe Baby!, Stevefor30, KillerBear, and Soap for further details.

    ~OVER the age of 15
    ~Average a POSITIVE kdr (Kills to Deaths ratio) each game
    ~Hacking of ANY KIND will not be tolerated
    ~No bans on record
    ~Not currently in any other clan

    Practice and Testing:
    To join United As One you must first be tested.
    Testing will take place in a private match on an unfamiliar map.
    You will 1v1 an owner based on what class of gun you use.

    *Sniping by Stevefor30
    *CQB by Awe Baby

    A kind clan a killer clan:
    If you have any problems with any other members in the UAO clan, report your situation straight to Awe Baby!
    Business will be taken care of as soon as we know the issue. Keep in mind you may be kicked out of the clan for Hostility towards others.
    May I ask that you please respect every member of the clan. Because you were all picked for a reason.

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    Re: -UAO- Clan recrutement, PC

    you forgot to write for what game. or is this for any STEAM game?
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    Re: -UAO- Clan recrutement, PC

    One of my pet peeves is when people turn every program's name into an acronym, making the assumption that, if they refer to the program that way, why, then everybody else does, too.

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    Re: -UAO- Clan recrutement, PC

    I remember when I was younger I wanted to join a gamer clan. Not so much now.

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