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Thread: Plasma won't load

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    Plasma won't load


    Now that I got acquainted with unity, I have installed kubuntu. And I am utterly amazed by the ease, the modulability and how everything's integrated to it.
    Unfortunately my plasma-desktop crashed a few times. And now it won't load anymore.
    Just a black screen, I still can run a command but that's about it.
    Of course, I have tried to kill plasma and open it back. Didn't do the trick.

    Once it loaded by playing with the guest session and then I switched to my regular session.

    I have now look for 2 days on the internet and I was either unable to understand or it didn't work.

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Plasma won't load

    Which version are you running, and which version of KDE? What are your hardware specs?

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    Re: Plasma won't load

    Oh yeah I'm sorry.

    I have the last kubuntu ( 13 ?) so the kde version embeded is 4.04 i believe (I am sorry to be not that precise but i don't have acces to it :/)

    I am running it on a laptop acer 7741g : intem i5-480m/ hd6550m & 4 gb of ram


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