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Thread: WP develpment enviroment permission, xampp+eclipse

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    WP develpment enviroment permission, xampp+eclipse

    Hi All.
    I am trying to setup an enviroment for Wordpress development on ubuntu 12, but I am having troubles with permissions (I am quite new to this).

    The last unsolved problem is that I cannot manage to get Eclipse to modify files (permission problem).

    So, here is what I did:
    first, I installed Xampp, using root.
    Htdocs results having own:root, group:root. fine(?).

    Then, unpacked WP downloaded from their site.
    WP has owner:nobody, group:nogroup. Apache is reading it, so fine...(?)

    Then I install Eclipse using software center, and I add various plugins, all fine.

    Now, I launch Eclipse and try to modify my WP project. It can't, no permission!
    Somebody suggested me to launch eclipse as root (gksu eclipse).
    I tried that, but it seems all the plugins are gone this way (they where installed under a different user?).

    I need to fix the Eclipse file editing issue, but most of all, I need to understand the whole things: how should this be setup?

    thank you so much for reading through this and for the patience of explaining me.

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    Re: WP develpment enviroment permission, xampp+eclipse

    Hi there, afraid I don't know the answer to why the project is returning a permissions error, however I noticed that you are using
     gksu eclipse
    instead of
     gksudo eclipse
    if you have enabled the root account on your system it would explain why the plugins are gone?

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    Re: WP develpment enviroment permission, xampp+eclipse

    tried gksudo and got the same problem:
    the PHP project wizard are gone, and if I try to open a PHP file i get this error:
    "Could not open the editor: No editor descriptor for id org.eclipse.php.editor"

    now, I could try to re-install all plugins using gksudo, i don't mind.
    I am just wondering if this is the right way to go.
    Is it normal to have to gksudo eclipse in order to work on a web dev project!?

    or what is the manual way?

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    Re: WP develpment enviroment permission, xampp+eclipse

    I confirm the plugins where gone when i gksu/gksudo eclipse.
    I re-installed them and now I can edit the files.

    WP is has owner:nobody, group:nogroup.

    Eclipse in order to work (write files within WP) has to be launched as gksu/gksudo.

    is this fine? or should I better change something?

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