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Thread: How can I get MS voices in WINE?

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    Question How can I get MS voices in WINE?

    I installed a Text-To-Speech program called Balabolka in WINE and it runs fine except that it can't read out the text because no voice can be selected. I have the same program installed on my laptop(which has Vista) and it has a voice call "Microsoft Anna". How can I install this voice into WINE so that I can use Balabolka on Ubuntu?

    I've tried GeSpeaker and didn't like it as much as Balabolka.
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    Re: How can I get MS voices in WINE?


    I had to download tv_enua.exe from the site that I got Balabolka from, extract the contents to a folder, and then copy them to one of the folders in one of the the 'Common Files' folder in one of the 'Program Files' folders.

    All works well.


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