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Thread: Choose OS Straight From ReFIT Not Through GRUB? Is It Possible?

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    Choose OS Straight From ReFIT Not Through GRUB? Is It Possible?

    Hey Ubuntu Community,

    I am VERY new to all of this stuff and I have done everything correctly (to my knowledge) and there is just one last thing that I need to complete. I have triple booted my MacBookPro and I customized my ReFIT menu to have only three emblems in this order OS X (Mountain Lion), Ubuntu, and Windows 8. I want to boot straight into each OS when I select it from the ReFIT menu, but instead a purple GRUB menu comes up (if I choose Ubuntu or Windows) and I have to scroll through a bunch of different options to start up the OS I desire. My OS X (Mountain Lion) boots straight from ReFIT (without the GRUB menu) which is what I want for each OS but I don't know how to do so. So this is where I need help. Is it possible to boot into each OS (Ubuntu & Windows) without having to select the OS from the purple GRUB menu. I just want everything to look clean and professional and if there is no way to do what I am asking still let me know. Remember, I am new to this and your advice and solutions would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,
    BiggerestAl out!
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