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Thread: Ubuntu Touch and Games

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    Ubuntu Touch and Games

    I've been looking at Ubuntu Touch and it's looking pretty good. I'm a game developer by day so I was going to make a simple game document my findings, while I was thinking up a game idea I thought of an issue. What's going to happen when someone creates a game with a lot of swipes? Are users going to be constantly switching out of apps or will I as a developer be able to turn off some of the os swipe features?

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    Re: Ubuntu Touch and Games

    Who knows? That is why there is a developer preview and a Ubuntu Software Development Kit (SDK). Developers can develop their apps and test them on the platform as it itself is developed. The SDK is still under development but I hear that it will come with a feature that will package the app for you. It is called Click.

    Using Click will reduce the time it takes to get your app approved for inclusion in the Software Centre. This process will also assure the user that your app does not do anything nasty to their data. If fact the click packaging process will ensure that your app will not be allowed to do anything nasty.

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