i cant get my amd graphics card to installed i have tried copy and pasting command line links that i have seen in here but it works untill you get to that last command then it refuses to work even though i did the commands in order. i even did the 64-bit fix cause i have a 64bit machine i even tried the noobs labs way of doin it it keeps with the annoying text box saying i have to install one or more tools for it to work and the thread i found here had the command line fixes for that to install them but it still wont work here is what i have on my machine

Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit
AMD radeon hd 4250 graphics card
AMD Athlon(tm) II P360 Dual-Core Processor × 2

so if anyone can help me get the graphics driver to work properly and install that would be greatly appreciated i really want to use ubuntu beacuse i love it...everything else i got to work just having issues with that so if anyone can help i would very greatly appreciate it ^_^