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Thread: Broadcom BCM70015 Crystal HD] - Dell inspiron Duo 1090 - Ubuntu 13.04

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    Lightbulb Broadcom BCM70015 Crystal HD] - Dell inspiron Duo 1090 - Ubuntu 13.04

    Hey folks,

    i will describe the way walked to install the driver for CrystalHD.
    i hope it will help in any way...
    - i think Broadcom doesnt work, although it is installed correctly ?!?
    - sorry for my poor englisch

    Dell inspiron Duo 1090
    Broadcom BCM70015

    Ubuntu 13.04

    A. Sources:

    - maybe there are som sources with are not listet, because i read it half a year ago, while testing OpenSuSE 12.2 / 12.3-MileStone

    1. Install need packages

    sudo apt-get install checkinstall git-core autoconf build-essential subversion dpkg-dev fakeroot pbuilder build-essential dh-make debhelper devscripts patchutils quilt git-buildpackage pristine-tar git yasm zlib1g-dev zlib-bin libzip-dev libx11-dev libx11-dev libxv-dev vstream-client-dev libgtk2.0-dev libpulse-dev libxxf86dga-dev x11proto-xf86dga-dev git libgstreamermm-0.10-dev libgstreamer0.10-dev automake

    sudo apt-get install libpng12-0 libpng3 gstreamer1.0-crystalhd
    sudo apt-get install dkms

    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    2. Reboot your system

    sudo reboot

    3. Install CrystalHD-Packages
    sudo apt-get install crystalhd-dkms firmware-crystalhd

    4. Download and unpack CrystalHD

    5. Copy firmeware to /lib/firmware

    sudo cp /PATH/TO/crystalhd_linux_20100703/crystalhd_07032010/firmware/fwbin/70015/bcm70015fw.bin /lib/firmware/

    6. If crystalhd-dkms not found - if found you can skip

    -Deinstall CrystalHD-Package, only to be sure
    sudo modprobe -r crystalhd
    sudo apt-get remove crystalhd-dkms

    6.1 Download CrystalHD-DKMS from Launchpad

    -extract CrystalHD-DKMS package
    -edit crystalhd_misc.h

    sudo gedit /PATH/TO/crystalhd-dkms_0.0~git20110715.fdd2f19-7_amd64/usr/src/crystalhd-0.0~git20110715.fdd2f19/driver/linux/crystalhd_misc.h

    -Change/Comment line:

    #include <asm/system.h> to //#include <asm/system.h>

    -save file
    -edit crystalhd_lnx.h

    sudo gedit /PATH/TO/crystalhd-dkms_0.0~git20110715.fdd2f19-7_amd64/usr/src/crystalhd-0.0~git20110715.fdd2f19/driver/linux/crystalhd_lnx.h

    -Change/Comment line:

    #include <asm/system.h> -> //#include <asm/system.h>

    -save file

    6.2 Download Patch

    -Insert Patch

    cd /PATH/TO/crystalhd-dkms_0.0~git20110715.fdd2f19-7_amd64/usr/src/crystalhd-0.0~git20110715.fdd2f19/
    sudo patch -p0 < /data/Websites/CrystalHD/devinitFix/devinitFix.patch

    6.3 Rename downloaded Original-CrystelHD-Package

    6.4 "ReDeb" the CrystalHD-Package

    cd /PATH/TO/
    sudo dpkg -b crystalhd-dkms_0.0~git20110715.fdd2f19-7_amd64

    6.4 Install your changed CrystalHD-Package

    //changed Deb-Package, sorry here it is the same name as original file

    sudo dpkg -i /PATH/TO/crystalhd-dkms_0.0~git20110715.fdd2f19-7_amd64.deb

    7. restart your system

    sudo reboot
    sudo modprobe crystalhd

    7.1 Console-Output

    sudo modinfo crystalhd

    filename: /lib/modules/3.8.0-26-generic/updates/dkms/crystalhd.ko
    alias: crystalhd
    license: GPL
    description: Broadcom Crystal HD Decoder Driver
    author: Prasad Bolisetty <>
    author: Naren Sankar <>
    srcversion: 7415D02AE951A7B8B6DB5B2
    alias: pci:v000014E4d00001615sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
    alias: pci:v000014E4d00001612sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
    vermagic: 3.8.0-26-generic SMP mod_unload modversions

    lspci -v

    01:00.0 Multimedia controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM70015 Video Decoder [Crystal HD]
    Subsystem: Dell Device 048b
    Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 45
    Memory at 90800000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=64K]
    Memory at 90000000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=8M]
    Capabilities: <access denied>
    Kernel driver in use: crystalhd

    dmesg | grep crys

    [ 5.175913] Loading crystalhd v3.10.0
    [ 5.175982] crystalhd 0000:01:00.0: Starting Device:0x1615
    [ 5.177961] crystalhd 0000:01:00.0: irq 45 for MSI/MSI-X

    8. I did also, because i thought i could reenable with CrystalHD-Indicator

    sudo chown root:users /dev/crystalhd
    sudo chmod a+rw /dev/crystalhd

    9. Activate CrystalHD

    9.1 at Start
    sudo echo crystalhd >> /etc/modules

    9.2 after Sleep

    sudo gedit /etc/pm/sleep.d/20-crystalhd

    - Insert following lines, but did not work for me:

    case "${1}" in
    modprobe -r crystalhd
    modprobe crystalhd && chmod a+rw /dev/crystalhd

    10. Install FlashPlugin

    - i read it will only work till FlashPlayer 10.2 / 10.3
    - Chrome: Pepperflash must be disabled

    sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin
    sudo mkdir /etc/adobe
    sudo gedit /etc/adobe/mms.cfg

    - Insert following lines

    11. Things to do...

    11.1 There is a 20-crystalhd.rules but i dont know where to copy

    sudo cp /PATH/TO/crystalhd_linux_20100703/crystalhd_07032010/driver/linux/20-crystalhd.rules

    11.2 Found this, but it wont work if CrystalHD is recognized

    sudo mknod -m 666 /dev/crystalhd c 251 0
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