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Thread: time-domain signal in MFCC

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    time-domain signal in MFCC

    I have read about MFCC and Speech Recognition, and I don't understand one point. According to the document in this page, what is the "time-domain signal"?? Is that the float number in data sub-chunk which I read in header-file of a wave file?
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    Re: time-domain signal in MFCC

    Quote Originally Posted by SkyLight196 View Post
    what is the "time-domain signal"??
    P/s: Sorry for my poor English
    The easiest way to see how something changes with time (a time series) is to make a graph.

    The time domain signal in that document is s(n). That just says that s is function of n. It's simply a variation of your signal at each time n.

    n is the abscissa (horizontal). The ordinate (y value) will usually represent the wave height (amplitude). Such a plot is in the so called time domain.

    Signals can be also be represented as a sum of many sine waves with different amplitudes and frequencies.
    So we could make a second plot.

    The different sine wave components (harmonics) represent the frequency representation of your signal.

    Here the abscissa would be the wave frequency and the ordinate some parameter related to the wave amplitude. This second plot would be in the so called frequency domain.

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