For the record, I am runninge the following versions: Ubuntu 13.04, Evolution 3.6.4, Thunderbird 17.0.7, LibreOffice

Opening attachments under Ubuntu is different from how other OSs are handling this. You can open an excel spreadsheet from Outlook, webmail, Mac Mail, etc and never experience the read only problem that you face when opening a "office"-attachment in Ubuntu. The combination Ubuntu / LibreOffice seems to decide that all attachments shall be opened read only and for a user that is used to be able to directly work in documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc, this is very annoying. I`ve been looking for a way to configure this differently, but I can't find anything.

So the question for this forum is: Is there a way I can get Ubuntu / LibreOffice handle attachments the same way these are handled in a Windows or Mac environment?


- Sven