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Thread: ipod shuffle isn't syncing with many music apps in 13.04

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    Question ipod shuffle isn't syncing with many music apps in 13.04

    I've been trying for a few weeks now to sync my 1gig ipod shuffle (1st gen i think) and my iphone 3gs with ubuntu 13.04, but have had not much success. From an old sync with a mac, the ipod has music on it, and I want to be able to remove what's on there and add new music at will from the music on my eee 1011cx running ubuntu 13.04.Banshee: Shuffle says it's loading, but never loads after waiting for 6+ hours.Rhythmbox shows that there are no songs in the ipod when I know there are. Attempting to add new songs doesn't add any of the new songs.Clementine shows that there are 0 songs in the ipod when there areAmarok shows "ipod device configuration" window with this text:
    iTunesStats file('/media/aron/IPOD/iPod_Control/iTunes/iTunesStats'): entry length smaller than expected (OAbove problem prevents Amarok from using your iPod. You can try to re-create critical iPod folders and files (including iTunes database) using the initialize iPod button below.Initializing iPod destroys iPod track and photo database, however it should not delete any tracks. The tracks will become orphaned.
    After clicking "Initialize iPod" button, the window stays open, and the button stays pushable - no changes are observable in the application.I remember trying gtkpod but didn't seem to get anywhere. I plan on trying again, at least to get a clear understanding of what 'does' happen when i try it.Does anyone have ideas about what could be done to solve this, so that I can manage playlists on this ipod?

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    Calling it quits on ubuntu for now

    Hey, please consider this post closed from my end of involvement. I don't want to spend my time trying to find answers to the multitude of software/hardware challenges that came up for me with Ubuntu, so I'm heading to Windows for the time being.

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