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Thread: Thunderbird - *Auto* resend ?

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    Thunderbird - *Auto* resend ?


    I'm on GNOME 3.4.2 (ubuntu) with Thunderbird 17.0.6

    I've Googled & found that Thunderbird has a resend function - so you can send an email later on, but this is at a preset time and/or manually done by the user.

    I'm getting recent issues with the server / ISP not accepting messages & my emails are NOT sent, but end up in the sent folder. (the ISP settings ARE correct). Too much load.

    Has thunderbird got an AUTOMATIC resend function - basically to send an email at a later time when there is no server problems.

    IE, I "send" an email at 10:09 a.m. & there is a server problem, so Thunderbird schedules the email later. I go watch Tv for 4 hours & thunderbird automatically retries 4-5-6 times & I find it was actually sent at 1:43 p.m when Thunderbird was able to connect. - while I'm not on the PC.

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    Re: Thunderbird - *Auto* resend ?

    Surprisingly, it doesn't seem like Thunderbird automatically retries outbound messages that fail. However I came across this plug-in that provides the functionality. It hasn't been maintained for some time now though. It references a more recent plugin, SendLater, which adds more functionality than you need.
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