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Thread: Cannot reach desktop

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    Cannot reach desktop

    Hello, I am completely new to linux and have succesfully (I think) installed Ubuntu 13.04 on a seperate partition on my laptop (I usually run windows 8). When I boot I am asked to choose my OS, and when I choose Ubuntu I am brought to
    I've tried all sorts of commands (boot, startx) but nothing seems to get me to the desktop. Please help
    *I should mention that when I try "boot" an error tells me that I need to start a "kernel" first
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    Re: Cannot reach desktop

    grub gets loaded before Linux, so you aren't into Linux at this point. It is a boot loader. Something about your install got screwed up.
    There are Win8 dual-boot instructions here somewhere. If you have UEFI, I think there are extra steps necessary.
    * ubuntu uefi
    * ubuntu boot repair
    for more help. The links that point back to the or some other ubuntu* domain are what you want.

    While others will probably disagree, I think new-to-linux users should stay with LTS releases. That would be 12.04 in your case. Non-LTS releases are simply not as polished and do not have enough support time (in years). E.i. patches end in about 1 yr, while the LTS releases get patched for 5 years. Big difference.

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    Re: Cannot reach desktop

    Hi, are you currently running with UEFI enabled or disabled?

    try running Boot-Repair on a livecd, and see if it allows you to boot.
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