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Thread: Rename File in Network Folder Containing Special Characters

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    Rename File in Network Folder Containing Special Characters


    I'm tryining to access a folder on a AFP-fileserver connected over VPN. My problem is, that the folder name contains a "/", which is allowed on Apple machines. But Ubuntu won't open it (altough it's correctly listed), because he interpretes it as a path.

    The foldername is something like 26/27-2013 and doubleclicking it gives the error Could not display "27-2013" because Ubuntu reads it as ~/26/27-2013, I guess.

    I also tried to open it in Terminal so I could unescape the / with a backslah, but that didn't work either. Doesn't matter if cd, mv or cp, it's allways the error bash: cd: 27/28_2013: No such file or directory.

    Is there a way to rename the folder or open it anyway? I'm kinda stuck here...

    Thanks in advance!
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