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Fedora 19 MATE.



Sorry 'bout the screenshot size. ^^;

Theme is Boje Greyscale GTK + DarkCold window borders + Azenis icons + this wallpaper: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Star-Trek-TNG-Enterprise-D-Wallpapers-294799641

Also, I switched to Fedora back in May, mainly 'cause I wanted to branch off to another distro, and actually, Fedora's a really nice distro, a pain to get multimedia support and extra fonts set up on it after a clean install, but still.

Also considering running either Debian Sid, Archbang, Manjaro, Sabayon, or Calculate on a second machine, because well, I started off with DEB-based distros, and have been exploring Arch-based distros off and on, and I'm also a bit curious about Gentoo-based ones as well.

As far as RPM-based distros to run on other hardware go, potential considerations there are CentOS, Mageia, or OpenSUSE.

I'm also a bit curious about Ubuntu 13.10, as I assume that's when Unity will start to switch to QML/Qt, if my assumptions about the path that Canonical is taking with the DE are correct, and they plan on switching to Mir by 14.04 or 14.10, and Unity should be completely QML/Qt based by then. That's only what I assume the path Canonical's taking will be though, not sure exactly how it will go down.
I don't think Unity's switch to Qt/QML will matter to the end user, to be honest. I don't see any sort of monumental visual appearance changes coming down the pike based on that premise alone. I think that switch was only done because they believe they could do a better job with the convergence piece using Qt/QML rather than GTK. Whether or not that is true remains to be known.

Like you, I was recently distro (and DE) hopping too, and I tried most of the distros you mentioned. Manjaro has majority of my attention as a secondary distro, but it still has some work to be done before it can truly be considered a "final release", unlike now where it is very much beta. Fedora is nice but I found my wifi card breaking a lot with them, so I moved on. OpenSUSE is another that I consider to be pretty much awesome. I tried the Gnome port on all of these distros and found it to be pretty well rounded. I like newer paradigms, so for me it was Unity, Gnome, or KDE with the Homerun launcher, but for reasons that I will generalize as the "lengthy list of usual suspects", I found myself choosing Gnome as the most sane yet usable option for what I need. Just my 2c, but figured I'd offer it while it sounded like you were hashing out distros.

I might end up running Crunchbang on my netbook, as that machine is just so dang poor in terms of hardware. That, or maybe even Slitaz. Hmm... might be on to something.

Good luck with your choice!