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Thread: Question about partitioning problems with dual booting Ubuntu w/ Windows 7

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    Question about partitioning problems with dual booting Ubuntu w/ Windows 7

    Hey everybody,

    I recently (successfully) dual-booted Ubuntu 12.04 with Windows 7. I have Windows 7 on C:\ and I also have D:\. I shrunk D:\ to create a space of about 300GB. I installed Ubuntu on it. I had some problems with something completely unrelated and I uninstalled Ubuntu, intending to re-install it later.

    Now, I started to re-install Ubuntu (I thought this time, I'll work with Ubuntu 13.04). When I checked out my Disk Management in Windows, it showed my previously unallocated partitions as 2 healthy primary partitions (obviously). I deleted one of them (the smaller one), and it got automatically merged in the second one. When I deleted the second one, it became "free space" alongside my D:\ - the box that shows in green in Disk Management. I was under the impression that I will just delete this box, and I will get the black box "Unallocated" one. When I deleted it, there was this warning message that said "This is an extended partition ...etc". I went ahead with it and this error message came up "Unable to delete this partition due to low disk space. I was unable to convert this "free space" into "unallocated".

    Sigh. I thought I'd try out Ubuntu anyway and booted into the LiveCD and chose "Install Ubuntu" and there came the option to "Install Alongside WIndows" and I clicked it... and it just ran. It installed itself, without showing me WHERE it was installing!

    (I think it installed in my external hard drive!)

    Anyway, now I am in Live session, having GParted open in front of me. This is what I'm seeing. See attached.

    Please help me out. I'm new to this whole partition thing.

    Thank you
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