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Thread: Clean install Ubuntu on Dell laptop.

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    Re: Need a little help

    Just downloading the ISO file will have no impact on your Windows filesystem, other than the creation of that new file. When you install Ubuntu, you will be given several choices of approaches, including replacing Windows.

    Anecdotal reports about which version of XYZ is lighter or heavier, or faster or slower, need to be considered with *your* hardware and *your* interests in mind. Memory use, for example, often differs when only the amount of available memory changes. Less memory use is not necessarily synonymous with faster execution.
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    Re: Clean install Ubuntu on Dell laptop.

    Thread moved to Installation & Upgrades.

    I have changed the title of your thread to reflect your issue. This will increase your chances of getting help. Please avoid the generic; most people here 'need help' or wonder 'what's this?'.

    You can go one step further with clean and manually partition the drive. With Ubuntu you choose 'Something Else' when it gets to the partitioning section of the drive.

    Some good suggestions for OSs above. Puppy flies. My suggestion would be a Ubuntu minimal install. Rather more involved though and something to try later. Basically, you install the Ubuntu base kernel then add what you like, including a lightweight desktop environment. That way you can create a beast that flies! (And is clean.)

    For a basic setup you need:

    / = root partition, where the OS goes; depends on the OS and whether you store your personal data elsewhere but 15-20Gb is plenty for standard Ubuntu;
    /home = home. Your personal data, Documents, Videos, etc. This depends on how you have things set up but it is a good idea to store you data outside / for a number of reasons;
    /swap = swap. 2Gb fine, unless you do a lot of hibernating apparently but I don't so can't advise.

    Good luck.

    PS: Lubuntu or Xubuntu are probably the lightest *buntus, Lubuntu lightest. I use a minimal install with Xfce from Xubuntu as desktop environment myself.
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