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Thread: HP Probook Hacked- WiFi set ON

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    HP Probook Hacked- WiFi set ON

    Greetings good persons,

    I work from an HP Probook 4730s.
    The default system is Windows 7.
    I access Ubuntu from a "system chooser".
    In the BIOS I have disabled the Wifi capability to the best of my knowledge.

    As I start Ubuntu and before I log into any user my Wifi capability is switched on.
    The hacker proceeds to read anything I write and to download any files in the directory I may access.

    How may I disable the vulnerability of this HP Probook 4730s to exclude the hacker?

    All the best,

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    Re: HP Probook Hacked- WiFi set ON

    How are you telling that wifi is on or not?

    Even if wifi was enabled, you would need to be connected to an access point for anyone to talk to your machine. Ubuntu has no services listening on external interfaces by default, so I doubt there is any hacker.
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