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Thread: Dual 30"monitor video card support

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    Dual 30"monitor video card support


    I'm new to this forum, my machine has just passed away and I'm having to replace it. I've got two 30inch monitors and I remember when I set this up last time it was a pain. I've read that Nvidia is better supported than ATi and so I'm thinking I should go with NVidia this time around. I'm trying to figure out of this is the right way to go and what card to get. I don't do anything hard with it like gaming. It's just programming, web browsing, document reading etc. What graphics card is capable of supporting two 30 inch monitors (2560*1600). I've looked at a few options but I'm confused and when I look at the product specs it just says that it has this output that output etc etc and max resolution of 2560*1600, I just don't know if it can power more than one at the same time or not!

    The only one that actually mentions driving two monitors at that resolution is


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    Re: Dual 30"monitor video card support

    when you glance at the card specs, you should see if it support multi monitors output, and with the max resolution

    here is a review from 12 months back (so you need to glance at more recent cards too):

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    Re: Dual 30"monitor video card support

    So if it supports resolutions of 2560*1600 and it supports multi monitor does that mean it can run two monitors at 2560*1600? I was under the impression that it wouldn't necessarily be able to do both at that resolution just because it could do one at that resolution.

    For example the Gigabyte GV-N64OC-2-GI the specs can be found at

    It doesn't directly say it supports dual monitor but I'm assuming it can as it has two Dual link DVI connections. It has a max res of 2560*1600 so you're saying that it would be fine to run two 30 inch monitors off that.
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