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Thread: Firefox cache?

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    Firefox cache?

    Trying to workaround a new youtube bug, so I'm trying to find the multimedia cache in firefox. Wher eis it? I've seen people say .mozilla/whatever, but where is the .mozilla folder? usr? there are dozens and dozens of folders, and it isn't in the top folder, and I can't find it yet. anyone?
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    Re: Firefox cache?

    It's been moved to ~/.cache/mozilla in recent versions of Firefox (or maybe in Ubuntu 13.04) but that's where it is for me on Lubuntu 13.04.


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    Re: Firefox cache?

    As vasa1 pointed out the mozilla/firefox cache folder is in the ~/.cache folder, which is a hidden folder in the home directory.
    Same goes for the .mozilla folder, if you want to know where that was.
    Just ctrl+h to show hidden files and folders.
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