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Thread: Lightspark/Gnash/Flash

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    How to globally (e.g. for all sites) trick adobe flash detection to EITHER recognize gnash/lightspark OR simply ignore detection (meaning always detect the latest version of flash even if it isn't installed).

    Thinking the latter is more probable.

    Lets discuss Iceweasel to start.

    For example a game on


    edit: -_- recently discovered these plugins browser-plugin-lightspark and mozilla-plugin-gnash (both .deb)
    wondering if installing both will cause a conflict? or allow me to choose one or the other when the flash object attempts to load??
    am still interested in tweaking or hacking iceweasel to auto-allow flash content, i.e. no checking/error screen/etc. or if server side hijacking the error signal (or something along those lines)
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