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Thread: Nautilus under Cinnamon missing menu bar

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    Nautilus under Cinnamon missing menu bar

    I'm using Ubunut 13.10, Cinnamon on top of that and Nautilus 3.6.3. A few weeks ago the manu bar (File, Edit, View, etc) disappeared. I have a gear in the upper right corner that gives me a long list of options but I'm looking for the standard menu bar. Anyone know how I get it to show up again? I've tried right clicking in various places and have used the gear and then preferences under that but I don't see any option that gives me the menu bar back.

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    Re: Nautilus under Cinnamon missing menu bar

    It's been removed from nautilus.
    I don't use cinnamon but use it's official file browser nemo which still has the menus as well
    as compact view.


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