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Thread: Disable ALT + Right Click menu

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    Disable ALT + Right Click menu

    This is very annoying. I'm trying to work in Blender, and when I need to loop select, this annoying window pops up. I've tried going to system->keybord->bindings. I've tried compiz to change it from alt to super (windows button). I've prowled the formus here and other sources, and the two meathods above should've worked.

    This completely killed my artistic buzz tonight and very unhappy with Ubuntu at the moment :\

    (Ubuntu 12.04)

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    Re: Disable ALT + Right Click menu

    Are you talking about the HUD?

    I can't reproduce your problem: The HUD only comes up when I tap Alt, not when I hold it down to do Alt-Rightclick. If I change the HUD's keyboard combination to Control-Alt, then only tapping Control-Alt will make it appear. Alt on its own will not.

    I'm on 12.04 too, with Compizconfig Settings Manager.

    Have you tried totally removing the keyboard combination for Show The HUD, instead of just changing it?
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