Hi, One thing I dislike about Ubuntu is that everything can be going along smoothly and suddenly for no apparent reason it stops working. I was online and then closed my browser. I opened a Word document and couldn't type. I shut down and rebooted and when the Unlock Login Keyring box appeared I was unable to type in my authentication. I open Terminal and cannot type in that. I noticed when I boot it automatically goes to the GRUB screen and I can see the top line is Ubuntu in Linux 3..8 -25 generic. Below that is 3.8-25 recovery mode but am unable to use the up /down arrows to move to recovery mode and try that. During boot I cannot press F12 boot menu or F2 setup to enter either of those. I tried holding down on shift during boot but that didn't work. If I can get to boot from CD I can just reinstall 12.04LTS but the keypad is useless right now. I used a virtual keypad before but forget how to access that.