Some of you know that I've been involved in iso/upgrade testing since Hardy, but to those of you not aware - I simply love Ubuntu

ATM I'm focusing mostly on Lubuntu because I maintain a lot of PC's that can't run either Ubuntu or Ubuntu GNOME, so you'll see a lot of references and screenshots relating to Lubuntu, but the general info should apply to all flavors of Ubuntu

The upgrade path offered by Ubuntu has been pretty darn good to me down through the years but we often see complaints of users encountering problems either during or after upgrades so I want to increase my focus on upgrade testing and documentation. One member of the Lubuntu dev team has even expressed interest in trying to automate the upgrade testing process:

If it's possible he can do it! But on to business.

There are actually two upgrade paths now. Certainly the old standard upgrade offered through the update-mangler (software-updater), but also an upgrade path using the Live CD/DVD/USB that only appears during installation if you have only one Ubuntu installed previously.

I'll provide more screenshots and documentation later regarding the upgrade using the live image but I'm going to need to be able to post a lot of screenshots to explain things as this goes on. Like I made an improper statement here:

Specifically, "The whole story is long and I had to butt heads with a member of the installer-team, and I lost!"

It appears that I was wrong

I thought they were dropping the "replace" option but it appears it was just renamed:


I mean obviously Saucy -> 13.10 is not an actual upgrade, so I guess "replace" does still exist.

I also need to get this fixed:


IMHO it should NOT be called an "error" ............... because it's NOT an error. It's simply not possible to reinstall packages that no longer exist in the updated repos.

This will be a grueling task but please jump on board if you have plenty of hair to pull out