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I installed Ubuntu Gnome from the 7/1 daily build, and it worked perfectly from the get-go. Installing regular Ubuntu and then adding GS from the repos certainly works, but then you have all sorts of Unity cruft hanging around. I only want simple Gnome Shell, not Unity, Compiz, what have you.
All you save is a bit of disk space. In this era of humongous disk sizes, who cares about that? Adding gnome 3/shell via a simple "apt-get install gnome-shell" to a regular ubuntu install gives you the option of selecting either Ubuntu (Unity) or GNOME (GNOME Shell) at the login screen. NOTE: if you log in using GNOME then you do not start any Unity or Compiz software at all, and vice-versa logging in with Unity. People seem confused about this. I personally have never seen the point of the Ubuntu GNOME ISO as all it gives you is NO option to log in and use Unity. I prefer GNOME Shell, but like trying Unity occasionally. My terabyte disk can afford the extra few megabytes to hold the Unity/Compiz files!