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Thread: is there any way to make a reliable usb installation with persistence?

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    is there any way to make a reliable usb installation with persistence?

    does anyone have advice about making a reliable, usable usb ubuntu installation that has persistence? i've failed many times. i'm using a variety of usb drives, three installer applications (unetbootin, startup disk creator and lilu), multiple computers using linux and windows, and have installed three versions of ubuntu, two versions of lubuntu, two versions of xubuntu, two versions of mint, and puppy linux.
    one of two things goes wrong every time; either the drive eventually refuses to boot, or (more often) I'm unable to install certain common packages.
    as for the second problem, which seems to be the fixable one, i haven't been able to find any useful information online. upon installation i am unable to install certain software (eg: adobe flash plugin, vlc). if i try to install in synaptics i'm given this message (for flash):
    " Could not mark all packages for installation or upgrade
    The folowing packages have unresolvable dependencies. Make sure that all required repositories are added and enabled in the preferences.
    Depends: libnspr4-0d but it is not going to be installed "
    if i try to install from the software center i'm given this message:
    " Package dependencies cannot be resolved
    This error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Furthermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time. "
    i've gone into 'software sources' and clicked all of the boxes. that doesn't change anything. with one or two installations i've been able to install any packages at first, but then either lose the ability or the usb fails to boot after a week or so.
    has anyone else had a similar experience? i'm exclusively using usb installations on an old eee pc with no internal hdd. i don't want to give up on it yet. does anyone have any ideas? i've never had the package source/installation problems on regular, non-usb installs of x/l/ubuntu/mint. thanks
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