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Thread: How To send TV signal via ethernet to TV

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    How To send TV signal via ethernet to TV

    I have these components:

    1 - Xubuntu
    2 - 5 port ethernet switch
    3 - TV with ethernet jack
    4 - MythTV - up and running

    How can I send the TV signal from the computer through the ethernet switch (is that a router?) to the TV? When I run the connection test on the TV the test stops at IPTV and says I need to allow something through the firewall. How do I do that?

    According to the TV, it's IP address is: and subnet of:

    I would like to record tv and send the recording over to the tv via mythbuntu, ethernet switch and (big) tv.
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    Re: How To send TV signal via ethernet to TV

    EDIT: I totally misread your post, sorry

    Switch and Router are two different things. If you have a switch then you have no firewall, but if you have router then it has a firewall that you might need to adjust, if thats whats really the problem.
    See your router manual on how to login and configure it. You will most likely have to enter address like in your browser to access the router settings.
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