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Thread: devede will not sync subtitles

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    devede will not sync subtitles

    I' ve been ripping movies with devede for along time in order to make them play on a home DVD-player, it was just fine. But lately with no obvious reason devede has started to have problems in synchronising subtitles with the movie.
    I almost always use .AVI movies combined wity .SRT subtitles
    Subtitles start a few seconds before they should in each and every movie. Note that I always try the synchronization in VLC before ripping any movie and they work fine there.
    Is there anybody that ever had this problem before to help me, please!
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    Lightbulb Re: devede will not sync subtitles

    I also had the same problem. I had been using devede for over a year before upgrading to version 3.23 and then this problem started.
    It's almost like there is a drift between the subs and the audio. At the beginning of playback there is only a slight time difference but
    then this quickly grows to something like 5 minutes after two hours of playback.
    Like you, the subs work just fine for me on VLC.

    The reason for this is Frames Per Second (FPS) and the encoding standard used (whether PAL or NTSC). In my experience, the reason
    for the out-of-syncness is when the video files are encoded in NTSC (24 FPS) and DeVeDe re-encodes them to PAL (25 FPS). I think the
    subtitles count times using frames so the final result is that playback is faster for the subs than for the video.

    A possible fix:
    Before telling DeVeDe to proceed with generating the DVD, select the title with the troublesome video file.

    Click on the video file of interest under Files then click on the Properties button to display the File Properties window.

    If under File info it says "Frames per second: 24", then go Video Format right below it and click on the radio buttons
    to change the Video Format selection from PAL/SECAM to NTSC.

    Click OK and you're good to go. But just to be sure you can always use the Preview button under the File section to
    check if the subtitles and video are now in sync.

    This worked for me so I hope it works for you too.

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    Re: devede will not sync subtitles

    i have the same problem . any help ?

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