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Thread: Email Hijacked or Not?

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    Thumbs up Email Hijacked or Not?

    Apologies for the thumbs up next to the title

    Really old machine built from scrap and Sky boxes
    I have just ran Rkhunter and have come across some Text that i am unsure of and are quite worried about
    i may have no reason to however i thought a s being new to Ubuntu best to be safe than sorry.
    I have looked around the forums and Google but Laymans terms evade me here goes

    1: [19:35:08] Warning: User 'postfix' has been added to the passwd file.

    2: [19:35:08] Checking for group file changes [ Warning ] [19:35:08] Warning: Group 'postfix' has been added to the group file.
    [19:35:08] Warning: Group 'postdrop' has been added to the group file.

    3:[19:35:08] Warning: Hidden directory found: /dev/.udev

    4: [19:35:08] Warning: Hidden file found: /dev/.initramfs: symbolic link to `/run/initramfs'

    Now i do not remember ever loading either PostDrop nor postfix I am just a run of the mill End user from a home P.C
    If some one could advise on how i can find out if i did load these two mail programs when i installed 12.04 last week
    or if indeed you can do this (load at install) , I would be very grateful. I will try to CD around in the terminal until hopefully i get a reply
    to see if i can find any dates of install (postdrop)+(postfix). Thanks for reading and or replying as it is a concern for all novice or pro's
    alike as i don't really want stuff going on that i do not know about through my Email accounts....
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    Re: Rkhunter

    Welcome to the forums. A concern it is, and might move this to a more suitable sub-category shortly, but for now I advise you to give you thread a more descriptive title ASAP. This will greatly improve your chances of help. Also, try and give a bit more detail; I have no real idea what is going on exactly. Try and explain step by step and include software/relevant hardware info. Good luck.

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    Re: Email Hijacked or Not?

    See these in the terminal .

    man postfix
    man postdrop
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    Re: Email Hijacked or Not?

    When you installed rkhunter, did you also install other security type programs, like logwatch?
    If so, that would be a start to look at where postfix came from.
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