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Thread: Kali Linux overheating!

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    Unhappy Kali Linux overheating!

    Hey guys, hope you all doing good

    Problem: my laptop (HP dv6000) is being overheated cause of fault in the graphic chip (Nvidia).

    anyways i'm looking for a way too reduce that over heating i've been searching around for a while now and i need your help to suggest a power management tool (an advanced one) that will enable me to reduce the power consumption by the CPU which will lead to reducing its frequency and heat or a tool that will allow me to reduce my CPU frequency (cant do it through the BIOS). I'm searching for anything that will help to reduce the overheating.

    Notice that I'm facing this problem not only with Kali i also faced it with Backtrack and Ubuntu also Win.

    Any help would be appreciated,,

    Thanks in advance .

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    Re: Kali Linux overheating!

    Why use software to fix a hardware problem?

    Unless the machine is out of warranty, contact HP and get them to replace the GPU.
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    Re: Kali Linux overheating!

    I think those laptops had known heat related issues from what i recall.


    Some fixes & videos in that link
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